What is it?

Upick Advice is our winning sports recommendation service that allows you to make money from home. We tell you what and how much to bet across your favorite sports leagues: MLB, NBA, NHL & NFL.

How does it work?

Receive daily picks to your account as well as the exact percentage of how much to bet on each game. See our pricing plan options here.

How do you determine your predictions?

Our predictions are based on a proprietary mathematical algorithm that allows us to find success opportunities across all major league sports.

What determines the number of picks I receive daily?

The number of picks you receive daily depends on which sports are in season at the time and the number of games that day. For example certain times of year may only have 1-2 sports in season and you’d only receive picks for those leagues in season.

What time are picks available in my account?

Picks are available at least 1 hour before game time starts. We do this to ensure we’re using the most up-to-date statistics to provide the most accurate predictions.

What months are the seasons of each sport?

* MLB is available throughout the regular season March-September.
* NFL is available throughout the regular season September-January.
* NHL is available throughout the regular season October-March.
* NBA is available throughout the regular season October-March.

What happens if I lose money?

Sports trading is volatile (just like stock market trading) and occasional losing days are inevitable. The most important thing is to follow our recommendations as they are given, maintain a level of control over your capital and remember this is a long-term way to make extra money.

How do I upgrade/cancel my plan?

To upgrade or cancel your plan please contact us at contact@upicktrade.com.

How do I renew my plan?

Your plan automatically renews month to month.